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Atlanta Water Line Repair and Replacement

Water LinesAtlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain provides water line repair and replacement services to save your home from high water bills and costly water damage. We here at Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain have been servicing the Atlanta Metro home and business owners for over 20 years. Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain has been answering the following questions for our customers, such as:

  • Why is my water utility bill unusually high?
  • Why is my water usage on my water meter higher than normal?
  • Why do I have low water pressure in my home?
  •  What plumbing service in the Atlanta Metro Area can repair or replace my water line?
  • What plumbing service provides 24 hour emergency support to repair my water line?

Well the answer is to your questions is that you may have a break or leak in your water line or the water line has fully been broken. We here at Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain are available for fast and prompt support for all of your plumbing, septic service repair and installation needs.

Water Line leaks can start off as a small leak and grow into a crack or a full break in the water line from your water meter to your place of residence.  There are various ways a water line or main can crack or break such as: cold weather temperatures’, settling of house into the ground, and the list goes on.  When getting the delivery off soil or landscaping materials be sure that the truck delivering these materials does not drive over the area where your water line is located because the pressure from the weight of the heavy truck can cause a leak or break in your water main line.

Leaks are responsible for a high percentage of wasted water, and you as the property owner are responsible for the service line behind the meter and into your business or residence.  Dripping faucets and leaking toilet also account for a huge amount of wasted water.

We have detected and fixed some of the hardest water leaks in home and business around the Atlanta Metro Area. Our services include but are not limited to:

Atlanta Plumbing & Septic believes that there is not a job to small or big for our industry leading plumbers to service.  Whether you are experiencing higher than normal water utility bills or low water pressure in your residence or business we are at your service.  With our quick response and 24 hour emergency support we can fix the broken water line or main and have you whipped back into shape in no time.

If you need water line repair and installation Atlanta residents have trusted for over 20 years call (404) 239-3917 today. We look forward to serving you, your family, and friends. Browse our website for more information on our plumbing services, or for questions or comments please contact us.