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Douglasville Toilet Installation and Repair

Toilet RepairThe toilets in your Douglasville home are not only a necessity, but can create a bathroom that makes a statement. The toilet and fixture designers at Atlanta Plumbing can assist you in the selection of a high-quality toilet.

Toilet Installation

The professional plumbers at Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain are there whenever you have any Plumbing problem that happens with your toilet. Our experienced technicians can repair problems from a leak to the complete installation of a new toilet. We have been doing Douglasville toilet installation and toilet repair since 2002.

Toilet Repair

Like it or not, toilets are one of those things that you just have to live with, so when yours goes on the fritz, you’d better take care of it right away! At Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain, we offer a variety of services that will let you get the most out of your toilet, including toilet repair, toilet replacement and new toilet installation. So for all your toilet repair and replacement needs, call the experts at Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain!


Toilet Installation
• Running Toilets
Unclogging a Toilet
• Toilet Leaks
• Repair a Poorly Flushing Toilet
• Quiet a Noisy Toilet
• Replacement of Poorly Working Parts

Brands of Toilets and Fixtures Installed by Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain

Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain provides high-quality toilet products for your home. Here are a few of the quality brands installed and serviced by Atlanta Plumbing.

• American Standard
• Kohler

Besides these fine quality toilets that we install, we can make repairs to any brand of toilet that you may have in your Douglasville home.

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