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How Much Should I Pay For Water Line Repair? Tips To Get The Best Price for Water Line Installation

Home Water LinesWater line leaks can cause major damage to a home or yard as well as send water bills through the roof. One thing many people don’t realize is that as a home owner  the water supply line that runs between the curb or street and the home is actually owned by them and all repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Many utility companies offer service plans each month that will cover water line repair or installation. However, many people don’t have this service and would like to get an idea how much to pay for water line repair.   In this article will discuss tips on how to get the best price on water line installation.

When getting an estimate on this type of repair, there are several factors to consider when a plumbing service is coming up with a price:

  • It depends where the home is located – Plumbing companies vary in their cost per hour in each state.
  • How far is the home is from the meter?
  •  Are there trees in the yard? – Large trees usually have large roots which can sometime interfere with the water lines.
  • Is there a sprinkler system or any other underground utilities
  • Get a few estimates – Remember to keep in mind that cheaper is not better. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is important to think about here. Get the best work for the home and make sure the work is done right and UP TO CODE.
  • At typical water line repair or installation can range from $1,500 to $3,000, however if the line runs under sidewalks, paved surfaces, sprinkler systems or trees it can cost even more, not to mention the additional travel and service call fees.

If there is a leak in a water line, it can start off as a small leak and grow into a crack or a full break in the water line from the water meter to the home.  There are various ways a water line or main can crack or break such as: cold weather temperatures’, settling of house into the ground, and the list goes on.  Other causes include the delivery off soil or landscaping materials, so be sure that the truck delivering these materials does not drive over the area where the water line is located because the pressure from the weight of the heavy truck can cause a leak or break in the water main line.

Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain offers high quality water line repair in Atlanta, Decatur, Buford, Alpharetta and surrounding areas. For a quote in these areas call (404) 239-3917 or browse our website to find a local plumber in Georgia. With over 20 years of combined experience you can be sure that you are getting the best price for the service that you receive with Atlanta Plumbing Septic and Drain.



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