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Most Common Plumbing Questions – Why Is My Toilet Overflowing? Is It Time To Call A Plumber

Most Common Plumbing Questions

There are the mysteries that continually plague plumbing customers year after year – and we can help you solve perplexing mysteries that crop up in the world of plumbing, draining and septic systems.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most common plumbing questions – and what needs to happen for your plumbing dilemmas to be fixed:

Why is my toilet acting up? From the sudden appearance of hot water in your toilet bowl to a toilet that randomly flushes itself, it’s no wonder some people believe that their toilets are being haunted by a bathroom-happy ghost.  Is it time to call A plumber? Now you don’t need to get your tools to try to fix this common plumbing problem; instead, you need the help of your local plumbers.  When the Douglas valve seal is broken, excess water will start to seep into the bowl.  Your toilet will then flush itself when it “senses” that it’s getting too full.

Similarly, a toilet bowl full of hot water can usually be blamed on a bad fill valve (we’re looking at you again, Douglas valve seal) or a broken flapper in the tank.  Fixing both requires the attention of a plumbing professional, so call on your friendly neighborhood plumbers to help you restore your toilet back to working order.

Why did I get such a high water bill? Unfortunately, the city of Atlanta has one of the highest costs for water usage in the entire country, due to strict regulations on water use (that’s why your water bill always seems to skyrocket during the summer).  But if you’ve used the same amount of water and your bill is unexpectedly high, you might want to look to your pipes as the source of the problem.  From dripping faucets to leaking toilets, experts estimate that pipe leaks account for up to 14% of all water usage in the country (yikes).  If you want to keep your water bills down – not to mention do your part for the environment – then it pays to have a plumber inspect your pipes.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost Per Hour – When it comes to plumbing services, it’s important to remember that the price you pay can reflect the quality of the work done.  However, you don’t have to pay top dollar to have a top job done – just do a little research, and you’ll discover what a plumber cost in your area. A plumber may charge $60 per hour or as much as $200 per hour for a Master Plumber. Many plumbing experts have a 2 hour minimum, while others only require a service fee to provide an estimate. The more familiar you are with your project the better idea you will have of your costs

How do I know when to call an expert? While there are some DIY plumbing activities that can be done with nothing more than a wrench and a smile, there’s no denying that your plumbing is a complex system of drains and pipes…

…And if you mess one up, you risk messing up everything else as well.

If you just can’t seem to identify the source of your mystery leak – or you’re afraid that your partner’s DIY plumbing might turn into an outright catastrophe – then call on the experts at Atlanta Plumbing Septic & Drain.  We’re local plumbing experts that can tackle any project you throw our way – and we’ll do it all in a reasonable turnaround time and at an affordable price.

Don’t let your plumbing mystery go unsolved – let Atlanta Plumbing Septic & Drain shed some light on your plumbing problems.

Atlanta Plumbing Septic & Drain provides expert plumbing in Atlanta on time and within your budget. For an estimate on your home plumbing or commercial plumbing project contact us, or browse our website to find a plumber in Georgia.



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